Glove - Green S/M

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Upstate Stock's fingerless glove design might seem counterintuitive to warmth but the open-finger design allows for full dexterity. This means you can use your hands while you are out & about without taking your gloves off, making it perfect for any busy commuter.

Material: 100% High Bulk Acrylic

Deerskin Palm: Upstate Stock partners with a tannery in Upstate NY that has over 60 years of experience providing the highest quality whitetail deerskin possible. Each hide is ethically culled & tanned to achieve prime color & consistency. Then, they cut & sew each palm in Brooklyn.

Care: Hand wash with a soft detergent. Treat deerskin with a leather cream or oil to re-hydrate. Lay flat to dry.

Origin: Knit in New Jersey. Sewn & finished in Brooklyn, NY

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